Will CashForMyClosing.com provide a Proof of Funds letter for my deal?
– Yes. Click Here.

Does CashForMyClosing.com offer rehab financing?
– No. We only fund back-to-back, same day closings.

Will CashForMyClosing.com fund other flips besides Short Sales?
– Absolutely, as long as both sides of the transaction (A-B & B-C) take place on the same day at the same title company.

Does CashForMyClosing.com fund deals in all 50 states?
– Yes.

Are there any credit, income, asset, employment requirements?
– No. Funding is based upon having an end buyer in place.

Do I need an appraisal for either side of the transaction?
– No.

What part of the transaction will you fund?
– We only fund the “A to B” (Seller to Investor) closing.

Will CashForMyClosing.com provide funds for option money or earnest money?
– No.

Can I use an LLC to purchase the property?
– Yes, if you have one established.

Can I use my own Title Company?
– Yes as long as both closings take place there on the same day.

Can I use two different title companies for each side of the transaction?
– No. Both closings must take place at the same title company.

How long does it take for CashForMyClosing.com to fund my deal?
– We ideally like 48 hours notice but can get it done faster if necessary. Once you have your end buyer in place and the contracts are signed, let us know and we’ll get everything set up to fund your deal.

Will CashForMyClosing.com cover my closing costs as well?
– You bet. We will finance 100% of your A to B transaction.

This sounds too easy! What am I missing?
– This is a very easy transaction and it’s a simple and easy way to fund all of your back-to-back closings without having to qualify with the strict lending requirements that banks have.

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"CashForMyClosing.com is knowledgeable, courteous, and best of all- they deliver what they promise while providing expertise along the way! It has been a pleasure and I look forward to doing business with them again."
– Stacy

"Working with Brian has been a pleasure. He is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and courteous. His funds were delivered on time and the process went super smooth. My company will definitely work with Brian again!"
– Jake

"As a real estate investor and property manager, fast and reliable financing is always very important. So far we have done 5 transactions with CashForMyClosing.com and all have gone very smooth. Thank you for working with my investors and helping them achieve their goals!"
– Melanie

"I have worked with Brian at Cashformyclosing.com on several transactions. He is professional, ethical, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend their service."
– Ron
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